The Miracle of Life

An Exhibition about Pregnancy, Birth and Midwifery

What’s it like being inside a womb? What is sperm? How were pregnancy tests taken in the past? Do storks bring babies to new parents?

The Miracle of Life is an exhibition about pregnancy, birth and midwifery, and it was created through collaboration between Stavanger Museum and the museum-supporter group Den kombinerede Indretnings venner (The Combined Arrangement’s Friends). Here you can gain insight into fertilisation, foetal development and birth, but also superstitions, taboos and ‘white lies’ traditionally related to these topics. You can learn about the development of the midwife profession and health stations in Norway, also the history of hygiene, birth control, sex education and the abortion controversy.

Play the computer game ‘Battle for the Egg’ and see a film about birth. You can even crawl inside an enlarged model of a womb!