About silver, brooches and folk beliefs

27. Jan 2023 - 27. Oct 2023

The exhibition presents beautiful silver, traditional silver brooches and bridal crowns from the museum’s collection. It also tells about folk beliefs and the symbolism linked to the silver we have worn and used since ancient times.

All this happens to the sound of recently-composed music. The work Sylgja, by Anders Brunvær Haugen, is heard in combination with a light installation designed by Karl Oskar Sørdal. The music and the way the exhibition is made accessible to the public show the connection between Norwegian folk beliefs and the design and symbolism of silver brooches.

The exhibition is the last part of a project involving the museum’s collection of bunads and folk costumes that began with the exhibiton Fra Hulda til hijab (From Hulda to Hijab), which opened at Stavanger Museum in June 2022.