To the bone

An exhibition about skelletons

Skeletons come in many shapes, colours and functions. The skeleton supports and protects different parts of the body, but can also be used to eat with, to fight with or even just as a decoration.

Some of the hardest and strongest materials in nature are found in the skeleton. Not all skeletons are made of bone. Some have skeletons made of e.g. cartilage, chalk, chitin or even crystals.

Skeletons can be found both inside and outside of the body. Vertebrates, like mammals, birds and fish, have mainly internal skeletons (endoskeleton), while other animals, like insects, snails and crustaceans have external skeletons (exoskeleton).

Here we have gathered an assortment of skeletons from our collections to show the great diversity of what skeletons are and what functions they play.